We are kindly donated unwanted furniture and other household items from homes and other organisations across the district.

Through our charitable work we aim to encourage re-use of items and therefore reduce the number of items going to landfill.

What happens to the items you donate?

We sort, clean and test items to ensure they are working; they are then sent to be sold at our Charity Superstore, as well as giving furniture and other essential household items to residents in Horsham facing crisis (criteria applies to ensure we give to those most in need).

Some items are not suitable for re-use and we always consider options to recycle items to reduce environmental impact, including for example, metal and scrap materials recycling.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process some items, such as clothes which we pass directly on to other charities for distribution to Romania and Botswana etc.. We also support local charities with items such as baby equipment and clothing.

Registered Charity number: 1116253