Sarah came to see us as she was being housed for the first time, by a local Housing Association. Sarah had some furniture that she would take with her, but did not have a cooker or a fridge. She also needed a table and chairs. As Sarah was on a low wage with no resources to buy larger items, we were able to help with the purchase of a new cooker and fridge, and provide a second hand table and chairs from our warehouse. We were able to deliver these items to her within a

matter of a few days.

Sarah emailed

“Thank you so much for the kind donation of the appliances, It's been super helpful”


Jane's husband had recently lost his job, while she was receiving Employment and Support Allowance. Jane reported her change in circumstances to the District Council. Unfortunately, there was a delay in processing this change and Jane was contacted by the Housing Benefit department to inform her that she would now need to claim Universal Credit. This would replace all of Jane's benefits but it would not be paid for at least 5 weeks. At the same period, Jane's Personal Independence Payment (PIP) had been stopped , leaving her, and her husband and child, to survive on Child Benefit and her son's Disability Living Allowance. Therefore, without any money, Jane had to turn to the Foodbank to feed her family. Jane states that the reception she received from the foodbanks could not have been more welcoming. The volunteers immediately put her at ease. Jane said, she felt upset, ashamed and embarrassed about needing to use the foodbank, but when she went along she was made to feel comfortable and not in any way judged.

Registered Charity number: 1116253